36mm x 55M Painter's Masking Tape, for Multiple Surfaces

Item #: 1670111
$11.99 EA
  • Only painter's tape treated with PaintBlock Technology
  • PaintBlock is a super absorbent polymer which reacts with latex paint and instantly gels to form a micro barrier that seals the edges of the tape, preventing paint bleed
  • Resistant to paint bleeding
  • Designed for latex paints
  • Interior or exterior use
  • Clean surface to be masked, make sure it is dust free and dry
  • If surface has been recently painted make sure paint has cured
  • For accurate placement, adhere in short sections to avoid stretching the tape
  • Make sure FrogTape is flush to the edge that you will be painting
  • Use a putty knife or 5-in-1 tool, press the tape you laid to burnish it to the surface you are masking
  • If painting more than one coat, it is a good idea to remove FrogTape and reapply between coats
  • Taping texturized surface may require specialized taping techniques
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